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Here are some pics from the Rock N' Roll excursion to Music City, USA. The boys rocked hard in the land of country music. They didn't meet Mickey Gilley, so don't ask.

The Studio
This was the control center from which the boys unleashed destruction upon Music City.

Reggie and Tony chillin like villains
Reg and Tony on the rock couch. Sleeveless is the required attire.

The big 3 in command central
Chris Henry, Brocco and Bo attend to business in the control room.

They borrowed all this gear from me
The weapons of mass destruction.

Don't look directly into his eyes. He has special powers of seduction
Reg with as much guitar as one man can handle.

Dreads like you wish you had.
Bo, the studio grunt. This man knows the deal.

The big boss
G.T. This guy has been involved in some of the most influental albums of all time.
Can you say "star-maker"?

Care to guess what spiv is reading?
Jeff and Spiv kickin it on the couch. There is a lot of downtime in rock and roll.

Yeah. I got 3 bean burritos, 2 chalupas, 2 soft tacos, a tostada, a mexican pizza and 3 medium cokes. Thank you, drive through.
Tony is either practicing signing autographs, or taking someone's lunch order.

The calm before the storm
Spiv awaiting orders to commence firing.